The Bleakness by Secret Revealed


German hardcore band, A Secret Revealed, is typically described with the ever puzzling tag of “Post Metal”.  The meaning of this genre is a mystery to me and how it fits with A Secret Revealed is beyond me.  I would describe the band as being similar to Devil Wears Prada, The Acacia Strain, and Upon The Water.  They have an all out wailing vocalist and guitarists heroically attempting to balance out these harsh vocalists.  To compare this band to the ones I listed above is a stretch.  While the melodic side of A Secret Revealed is interesting, I find the overall quality of the music to be lacking greatly.   From what I have heard so far from this band, their name is very fitting to the lack of diversity in their music.  So, my hopes are not very high for their new album.


A Secret Revealed’s new album “The Bleakness” is an album for hardcore Metal fans that thrive on the murderous chaos of an angry pit.  This album is not for the weak or the Metal fans who like any clean vocals.  In fact, I would say this band has a very small target audience for their music.  Hardcore is an ever growing genre throughout the world.  While I don’t understand or appreciate the genre or what “Post Metal” is supposed to be, I feel it’s fair to give this album an unbiased review.  As a fan of Death Metal, I look for certain characteristics to grasp onto.  These characteristics help me decide whether or not I like it.  A Secret Revealed lacks all of these likable aspects of a good Death Metal band.


Firstly, I look for a mix of deep grunts and high pitched screams or pleasant melodic clean vocals.  This band only illustrates one type of screaming, added with constant straining and lack of dynamics.  The “growler” has absolutely no range in his screams and sounds like he is burning from the inside out.  Then, I look for fast and technical guitars with a melodic break down.  The guitars aren’t bad and do have melodic riffs throughout each track, but do not differ from any other mainstream Modern Metal band.  Thirdly I look for an interesting depressive theme in the lyrical content and throughout the music.  While “The Bleakness” illustrated outright pain, anger, and distress, I find it impossible to make an emotional connection.  Overall, this album goes against my grain as a Metal fan.  It is not that it is too heavy for me, but it lacks everything I love and have a passion for in Metal.


Overall Rating: 1/10- No Dynamics, Abysmal Vocals, Boring Guitars, Over Distorted.


Listen for yourself:

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