Wolfheart “Winterborn” Review

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Wolfheart is a project by Tuomas Saukkonen, the mastermind behind Melodic Death Metal bands Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon.  This insanely talented musician from Finland has a reputation for creating the darkest, heaviest, and blackest of Metal bands.  Many fans were saddened when he disbanded all other projects, but it wasn’t all in vain.  Tuomas is back with Black Metal band Wolfheart and has released a bone chilling new album “Winterborn”.  As far as Melodic Death Metal goes, Tuomas is one of the best at what he does, because of his innovative creativity with such a heavy genre.   The album was previously released in 2013, but was recently reissued by Spinefarm Records.  I am lucky enough to be able to review this album in its entirety.


“Winterborn” is exactly what you would expect from Tuomas; Dark, Melodic, chest pounding, and atmospheric in a greatly depressing way.  The guitars are shredding and technical with ease.  The vocals are full and grinding and loud, full of emotion and outright power.  The bass is dropped super low and drones through each song, adding depth as the instrument was intended for.  The drums are technical and dynamic, varying from a slow 90 bpm to 130 bpm.  The use of other instruments from acoustic guitars to strings, piano, and synths is also very well executed.  Isolation is a brilliant example of the diversity and vision of Tuomas.  It is uncommon to hear slower and more soft instrumentation in Death Metal, obviously.  But that being said, the album is not lacking in pounding and guttural tracks like The Hunt, Strength and Valour, and Gale of Winter.  The Viking feel to this album is also quite present, meaning this would be one of the many great fitting soundtracks to History Channels Vikings and even Game Of Thrones.



Death Metal is a huge genre, every band seems to have their own style and equation to creating heavy music.  Don’t let genre labels fool you however, most Metal is so deep with different influences and styles.  “Winterborn” is definitely an album that defies labels and expectations in a fantastic way.  I enjoyed the drastically different feel and way of going about writing Metal that Tuomas definitely took with this album.  It’s unique and new, yet familiar and very commendable.  Overall, I think the reissue of “Winterborn” is a good way for fans to get interested in a pretty mysteriously released album.  It’s worth enough for a reissue and a larger audience, because of its immense quality and idiosyncratic sound.


Overall Album Rating  9/10


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