“We Are Become Death”? Ravenous Album Review


Southampton Thrash Metal band, Ravenous, is bringing a classic sound back to 2015 with their new album “We Are Become Death”.  If you like down and dirty Thrash with obscene lyrics and well mixed sound, this album is right up your alley.  This 2008 old school Garage Thrash band mixes meaningful composition with classic style, clearly heard on this new album.  While the album title sounds like a terrible translation, the band got the title from a quote of Oppenheimer about the Atom Bomb.  I have never been the biggest Thrash Metal fan, but I can appreciate Ravenous’ influences and ambition.  Their ambition for more meaningful composition sets them apart for me, because the old teen angst is an old tired out lyrical theme.  While I am not a fan of Thrash, Ravenous and their new album have a lot of potential to bring something new to the genre.


Ravenous is greatly inspired by Metallica, Machine Head, Pantera, and Lamb of God.  Clearly American Thrash has dominated for the past 20 years ( there are elitists that cannot get over it and reject any evolution of Metal or its subgenres).  Ravenous is English, but god they really sound American.  You can clearly hear the Groove influences throughout each guitar, especially on Reverse.  I swear James Hetfield does a duet on Easter Island with Rob Flynn, but it is one vocalist.  The influences are so well pronounced on “We Are Become Death”.  This band has found an identity and will stick with it indefinitely.  If you love Thrash Metal and are looking for throwback sound, this album is definitely for you.  However, if you like something more unique, this album is not for you.  While it’s good Thrash Metal with substance and excellent sound engineering, it is nothing more.  The guitars and drums are solid and well composed, yes, and the vocals are everything you want in Thrash.  But, like most Thrash, every song is pretty much the same.  The only track that truly sticks out to me is, Alone, for its melodic qualities.


Ravenous is everything you may want in a throwback Thrash band, but they bring little to the table.  There is nothing that has not been done on “We Are Become Death”.  It almost sounds like a cover/tribute album.  Some people may really enjoy this album and think it is great.  I like it considering it’s Thrash, but I personally would not buy this album.  Ravenous is good and may become a big deal some day, but they have not progressed as far as Thrash goes.  This lack of progression is why I have given “We Are Become Death” such a low rating.  Also, I dislike the confusing, cheesy, and unintelligible album title.  If they want fans to connect with their supposed “meaningful composition”, they should have picked a more direct album title.


Album title Suggestions as followed: Abhor.  We Are All Dead.  Deathstiny.  We Become Dead.  We All Die. Death Wish.. etc.


Rating 6/10








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