“Time and Trauma” by 36 Crazyfists Review


American band, 36 Crazyfists is a part of a resurgence of Rock in the states with their unfiltered dark take on the genre.  The band has been around for over 20 years and have jumped around with record companies, attempting to resist becoming stale.  The band switched to Spinefarm records to mix things up and work toward a new sound that inspires them to keep going.  The band decided in 2014 to make a new record with a whole new style, without losing their true identity.  Spinefarm supported this idea and it has lead to the birth and release. of “Time and Trauma”.  This new record sums up everything the band has been through and worked for throughout the 20 years, with new and old sounds.  This record is yet another prominent release of American Rock.


36 Crazyfists were inspired by the dark groove of Metallica’s “Black Album” and Deftones’ heavy industrial sound.  These two influences come out perfectly all throughout “Time and Trauma”, but with unique vocals and surprisingly technical guitar riffs.  The album is a mixed bag of Rock sounds, ranging from very radio friendly to darker and more unique.  Vanish (We All Disappear) is one of those more mainstream songs along with Sorrow Sings, Lightless, and Slivers.  These tracks are really true to the band’s modern style and are very refined, while keeping the vocals raw.  The screams are high pitched and jaw rattling, not my favorite style of screaming, although the style is popular these days.  The guitars are what really sets this album apart in my opinion.  The guitar work on this album is a mix of modern down tuned rhythmic drones, sounding excellently industrial and technical, and also containing more traditional guitar solos.  It’s rare to hear such superior guitar work on an American based band.


Overall, this album is great compared to the other albums that have turned Mainstream in the states recently and proves to be different from other Rock and Metal records.  I highly commend the band for bringing something a little new to the table.  Although this is a good album with many musical textures and layers, it still managed to bore me.  Some songs tended to run together and sound similar.  I like concept albums and a specific theme, but the album just seems flat after a couple listens.  Something to break up “Time and Trauma” is needed, like some orchestral work and a slower track with long held clean vocals.  A bass solo would also add an interesting flavor to the album.


Overall Album Rating 6/10


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