“Shake Electric” by SPIDERS Review

Want something completely different in your Rock catalogue?  SPIDERS is an unexpected Rock gem from the revered music scene of Gothenburg.  The band is a mix of psychedelic and distorted sounds with poppy vocal lines that reminisce of the 70’s and 60’s, without the Flower Power style.  The band’s previous album, “Flashpoint”, made some powerful noise in the media and have gained worldwide fame for their unique style.  Since the release of “Flashpoint”, the band has toured with legendary Metal band Metallica and Kvelertak, although they’re nothing like those bands.  SPIDERS aims to impress with a raw mix of Metal, Rock n Roll, and Punk influences.  However, they will either be hated or loved for their limited sound.


SPIDERS’ new album “Shake Electric” is a throwback to 70’s Rock with a Jack White or Blues Pills meets Led Zeppelin.   Ann-Sofie is an incredibly diverse vocalist with immense personality, but may not appeal to all listeners.  The music is very untouched and raw on this album.  With every instrument being recorded live collectively, it sounds like an older release.  The way they recorded this album is commendable and different to modern times, but lacks emotion.  “Shake Electric” is a good record for kickbacks or road trips, but concentrated listening leaves little to be desired.  I find it difficult to get into this album and make a connection to it.  Other than the lack of emotion, the album has some great aspects.  The guitars are heavy and well executed and become extremely catchy along with the drums.  If you took the vocals completely out, it would sound like an instrumental Jet or Jack White record.  The album even has a touch of The Black Keys’ style in there. The best part about the album, is the simplicity of it.  Simple is sometimes better, especially with stripped down Rock.  That being said, I desired a lot more from SPIDERS.


If you like Rock like those bands listed above, you may really dig “Shake Electric”.  If you prefer Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, this band may not appeal to you at all.  I wanted to like this album and be able to appreciate the unique and artistic quality, but the album is just really flat to me.  Ann-Sophie is great at what she does and is diverse, but I cannot connect with her vocals.  Personally, it sounds like she doesn’t care about what she’s singing.  She also lacks technical ability.  Some of the more projected vocals become grating and sound off-key.  The musicianship is there, but I desire to hear genuine passion.  “Shake Electric” will most likely appeal to the average Rock listener, but otherwise this album is disappointing.  The other reviews of this album mislead me drastically, because they are highly rated and it’s a very uniquely done album.  I am disappointed.  I expect more from a Gothenburg based band.


Overall Album Rating: 2/10


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