Pyramaze’s “Disciples of the Sun” 2015


From the mysterious and quiet country of Denmark, a group of masters were born into the world.  These Danish masters became known from the brilliant music they forge through infinite passion and the greatest of creativity.  This band of masters of Progressive and all clean genres of Metal is none other than Pyramaze.  A band born in 2001 by Michael Kammeyer, a fantastic guitarist, has had many strifes and changes.  Michael of course parted in 2010 along with original bassist Niels Kvist.  That left drummer Morten and keyboardist Jonah to continue the band’s powerful prowess.  Of course they were never alone with guitarist Toke and now Jacob Hansen, and many vocalist changes.  Each vocalist took their own spin in Pyramaze, all succeeding in quality and powerful vocals.  Previous vocals were quality, but none as passionate as new vocalist Terje Haroy.


Terje is spectacular on “Disciples of the Sun” as well as a solid full band effort.  The album is synchronized chaos with perfect grooves and riffs.  I honestly have trouble putting how good this album and why it is so good into words.  The nonstop pounding drums and riffs are incredibly energetic and ecstatic with technical ability.  It’s just pure unadulterated talent throughout the entire album.  Songs like  Battle of the Paridas are heavy and exciting with melodic riffs and perfect rhythm, where Disciples of the Sun puts the vocals front and center.  The vocals on this track and the album are the most solid I’ve heard from Pyramaze yet.  Musically “Disciples of the Sun” is a different direction for Pyramaze and I think it is a brilliant direction.


Rating; 9/10


One of the best albums of 2015

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