PRO-PAIN Mosh With a New Album

If you like moshing, angry, and thrashing music, Pro-Pain is probably in your wheelhouse.  They put out shredding and malicious Metal with a voice.  Their music is a soundtrack to an angry protest with passion.  They have found success in their voice of reason, allowing them to continue on with new album “Voice of Rebellion”.  This is not unlike music I listen to, but it certainly differing from your typical Metal album.  Pro-Pain have shredding guitars, pounding drums, grunty and chesty growls, and occasionally some rap lines.  I’d hate to use genres to describe their sound, but it is somewhere along the lines of Nu-Metal with Thrash influences.  At least, that’s what their new album exudes.


“Voice of Rebellion” is an album I’d expect to be featured in a videogame or a highly popular action film.  It’s your typical angry and shredding modern Metal album, just with politics dropped like an awkward f-bomb in a peaceful setting.  I enjoy political themes integrated into Metal, some of my most favorite bands use politics to fuel their music.  However, the reason I enjoy their form of political lyrics is because they’re vastly intelligent and can apply to many different things.  Pro-Pain took what could’ve been a decent mainstream album and ruined it with unintelligible lyrics.  These political and “influential lyrics” and just strewn into mediocre Metal.  There are so many better ways to use themes and issues in music.  While some of the vocals are good and the guitar solos are exciting, the content of the album is flat.  None of it means anything to me.


While “Voice of Rebellion” may be good for soundtracks used for 30 seconds in another boring mediocre action film or a clip used in a new trailer for Call of Duty 40: The most mediocre reiteration, it has little else to offer.  If this band plans to continue, they will have to reinvent themselves and use their influences in a more outright way.  If you can not pull people in with your message and just right mosh music, you won’t last long.

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