New Metal Out Now 5/27/2015

     Russian Power Metal band, Distant Sun has released two new blazing tracks on No Clean Singing.  Their new album Dark Matter comes out May 30th


Third Ion, a Canada based band featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band, have a debut Prog Metal album out now!  The album is similar to bands like Tesseract and Star One.  It is interesting music with melodic touches and technicality.  You can buy 13/8 Bit on Itunes or stream their new album on Spotify here:


Southern Death Metal band, Coathanger Abortion, has a new album out June 2nd called, Observations of Humanity.  They are currently streaming 2 new exclusive songs here:

If you want something even heavier, Psychomancer now has a brutal psychological mutilation EP out now.  Inject The Worms is short and pounding all the way through.  If you like your Death Metal supremely gorey and unintelligible, then definitely stream this EP on Spotify.

Miami Based Prog Metal band Cave of the Swimmers has a new single out featuring four exclusive songs.  Reflection is an oddity with mysterious and elusive sounds, requiring imagination and personal thought provoking relations.  The instrumentation is unique, but lacks quality in the vocals.  If you like Opeth, this band may be right up you alley.  You can also stream Refleciton on Spotify.


Progressive and Dark Metal band, Shroud of Despondency, have a new independently released album out on Bandcamp.  It is the last chapter for the band in their creepy and elusive journey.  Two people alone record and produce all of the music heard throughout each album.  It is raw Black Metal with Prog influences, like Opeth mixed with Behemoth and Frostland Darkness.  The imperfections are what make this album so raw and beautiful.

Of course, there is more Black Metal to be devoured in 2015 with I am the Trireme’s new album Gnosis:Never Follow the Light.  This band combines Gore Metal and Melodic Death into the same album and intensifies it to a new level.  I highly suggest this album for Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and Insomnium fans.  You can check out the album and more of the band here:

Nihilistinen Barbaariusuus is a lot to take in and impossible to spell, but their new album The Child Must Die is as Finnish and as Black Metal as it gets.  Of course the quality isn’t up to par with Behemoth or Watain, but it is educational.  The Child Must Die is based on an old Finnish mythical text called “The Kalevala”.   Stream this mystical and brutal album here:

North Dakota Death Metal band Frosthelm have a killer new song out right now with a great symbolical video.  Their new album The Endless Winter is also out now for purchase on Itunes.  Stream the video here:

Crytopsy have a new album dropping soon, but require some fans’ help to drop the album and tour in the US.  Crytopsy are a Death and Thrash Metal band with a lot of Brutality to offer.  Check out a video for their campaign to come to the USA here:

Progressive Metal band NECK OF THE WOODS hailing from Vancouver has a debut EP dropping May 30th, but you can purchase it now!

Boston Made Death Metal band Dysentery are streaming a new slamming album here:


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