“Memories From the Future” by Jaded Star


2015 Album from Jaded Star

2015 Album from Jaded Star

Powerful Greek and Symphonic Metal vocalist Maxi Nil recently teamed up with ex-Iced Earth drummer Raphael Saini and others.  This collaboration has forged new American signed band Jaded Star and their new album “Memories From the Future”.  The band also features bassist and synthesizer artist Babis Nikou of Dia Mageias and Neoclassical guitarist Kosta Vreto.  If you know anything about the Greeks, you know they usually go big with anything and everything.  Jaded Star has huge sound and unique touches that set them apart from a lot of Hard Rock bands out there today.  It’s difficult to categorize this band amongst other bands.  I’d say they have touches of Nemesea, Delain, Halestorm, Evanescence, and Triosphere.  However, I am definitely not comparing.  Jaded Star is a new band and this is their debut album.  They are just starting out and finding their styles and grooves.


“Memories of the Future” is a plethora of melodic and heavy tracks with excellent emotion and tight grooves.  It is rare for a band to show such tightness and chemistry on just the first album.  I was surprised by the quality of some tracks like Wake Up, In Memory, and You’ll See.  Those three tracks just ebb and flow very well between soft and heavy touches.  The vocals are so effortless and flawless as well as some really solid technical guitar riffs.  The solos make the music sound a little heavier too which help set this band apart.  Also, the album is mixed really well to wear the bass and low ends stand out and balance Maxi’s higher range.  Raining in Sao Paulo stands out eloquently as well with some 80s style synths and lower vocals, building into a serious jam.


Each track sounds like a low tuned anthem with some darker touches.  No the album is not outstanding, but it is surprisingly good for a debut album.  Maxi Nil is a really stellar vocalist with mad range and a soothing voice.  The rest of the band is really solid and fit together nicely.  It doesn’t sound over rehearsed or over produced either.  This album is not the greatest of the year by any means, but if Jaded Star continue and grow, their albums to come will be spectacular.  I feel like it was just a test album to get their name out and start developing as a band, which is incredibly smart marketing.  Next album I hope they use more of Maxi’s range and Kosta gets a little more star time.  I feel like Kosta was only getting started with this album.  Overall it’s a good album and worth a listen, but I’m not rushing out to buy it.


Rating: 6/10






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