“In The Shadow of the Inverted Cross” by Sorcerer Review



Sorcerer, a band cultured in Epic Doom Metal and Historical Fantasies, is one of Sweden’s finest.  In 1988, the band was forged in a time where Metal was on the downhill run of Mainstream popularity.  Thrash was still raging as Metallica and Slayer were at the top of the hill.  Sorcerer have not been steady in their history, with band changes and pesky timing with Metal trends.  History has not been necessarily kind to Sorcerer, but in 2015 the band uses history to their advantage.    The band effortlessly combines Power Metal vocals with Doom and Sludge backing tracks.  This makes up the “Epic Doom Metal” sound that the band is oh-so famous for with their cult following. The band has come together to honor this cult following create a haunting, chilling, mesmerizing new album that is “In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross”.


“In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross” in this modern age of Metal stands up so uniquely.  There are Progressive and Power themes like Grand Magus and Symphony X have mastered and fine tuned.  It’s so Powerful with vocals and heavy distorted muddy guitars, yet melodic and gorgeously composed.  Lake of the Lost Souls perfectly illustrates these brilliant aspects, being one of the best tracks I’ve heard yet in 2015.  If you like the heavier side of Sorcerer, tracks like Sumerian Script and The Gates of Hell will blaze and surge with energy.  The title track of the album is the darkest and the angriest track, brilliantly delivering 5 minutes and 25 seconds of epic sound.  The aspect of all these tracks that caught my attention is the mix of Power vocals and Doom mood. Sorcerer absolutely nailed this amazing mix the cross and took it so far down to the muddy shores of the river Styx.  The guitars are just so low and heavy and well executed, not becoming muted or boring.  This album could easily have Speed Metal guitars and high pitched squealing mixed with throaty growls.  But, Sorcerer dares to be trailblazers and come up with a unique sound that is like nothing I’ve ever heard.  There is no album quite like “In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross”.


Album Rating 8/10- One hell of a powerful album; Great vocals and guitars.  Like nothing else you will hear this year.


2015 Sorcerer Lineup

Anders Engberg – Vocals
Kristian Niemann – Guitars
Peter Hallgren – Guitars
Johnny Hagel – Bass
Robert Iversen – Drums



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