Immortal Guardian Shred With “Revolution Part 1”

Immortal Guardian Shred With “Revolution Part 1”

Guitar and keyboard virtuoso Gabriel Guardian has brought Power Metal back to America with high quality writing and Traditional Metal values.  This guy can shred like nothing I’ve heard in America.  In Immortal Guardian, technicality comes first in all areas of music, something European bands take pride in.  This self made Texas based band has a lot to prove by making this kind of music here, and I think “Revolution Part 1” is a start, but only a small drop in the bucket.


Regardless if you have a guitar virtuoso, there’s so many other qualities that are key in good Power Metal.  I look for powerful and large ranged vocalists, something front man Carlos Rema definitely has.  However, I find the vocals inconsistent and not always in the pocket.  It throws the whole sound off, especially on tracks like Walk Alone.  I expected a lot better quality of music overall.  I dislike the transitions between verses and choruses as well, it sounds rushed and unrehearsed.  I love the piano and whenever the vocals are on and also the amazing guitar work, but the drums ruin the whole thing for me.  The way the drums are recorded or mixed sound canned and often do not match the rhythm.  The drums just do not fit with the music.  I imagine the band worked very hard on this and it is a shame how bad the drums sound.  The only song I can stand to listen to is Beyond the Skies, it sounds the least canned of all the tracks.


Overall, it’s a good EP and a good part to a new and fresh album.  I would say that the production quality is lacking and I would have liked to hear another take on a lot of these songs.  If the drums are machined into the music, then I would honestly suggest taking a little more time to mix them in correctly.  In the 21st century with amazing music engineering, there is no excuse for such a bad mix on what could have been a great record.  Fear Factory used a drum machine on their last release and it sounded perfect.  I had no idea the drums were machined until someone told me.  Sometimes the vocals sound like Iron Maiden karaoke as well.  The lack of anything new or unique in this record is a disappointment to the classification to Power Metal.  I am disappointed in this release and expected a better quality record.  Regardless of if you’ve toured with Judas Priest or not, a good record is important to keep going.  Immortal Guardian better pull something big out with the next part of “Revolution”.

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