“The Heart of the Matter” by Triosphere Review



Triosphere, a band that has toured with some of the best Metal bands around, has released a brand new album in 2015.  Triosphere is a Norwegian Melodic Heavy Metal band with killer power vocals and excellent low bass lines from Ida Haukland and speedy melodic guitar riffs and solos from Marius “Silver” Bergesen and Tor Ole Byberg.  They also enlisted new drummer Kenneth Tarneby from Course of Fate.  The band began in 2004 as a trio of musicians, but toured with another guitarist for awhile until making him an official member.  All music and lyrics are written by Ida, who has a very unique sound to her voice and bass playing.  All these members combined with sublime writing is surprisingly grabbing and catching, pulling you in from the intro immediately.  One of the most unique aspects of this band is the guitar work and the gritty but epicly powerful vocals.  These aspects sound drastically refined and matured, making their new album “The Heart of the Matter” pretty excellent.


I hadn’t heard this band before their new release and went into the album blindly, not sure what to expect from their listed styles.  I didn’t expect a band this amazing or such an addictive mix of sounds that are familiar to Power Metal, but so different from the music I’m used to coming from Norway.  The Melodic nuances in Triosphere’s brand of Heavy Metal is unlike anything I’ve heard.  The vocals are all over the place with power, technique, and style on “The Heart of the Matter”.  There’s so many different vocal styles used from Ida, it is almost like having two different lead singers on nearly every song.  The guitars are very mixed bag as well, ranging from speedy technical tapping solos, to shredding, to slow and droning melodic solos.  The bass is pretty audible throughout every track and is definitely one of the best aspects to the range of music.  I also like how loud the drums are on this album.  Normally, loud drums become cheesy and overused, but Triosphere really balances it well.  These high quality and remarkable aspects are constant throughout the album and make it very noteworthy in 2015.



Tracks like Steal Away the Light, The Sphere, and The Heart’s Dominion off of the album really stand out because there’s really nothing out there quite like them.  Remedy is also a killer melodic track, showing some different styles and breaks in Ida’s voice as well as a different take on guitars.  Overall, “The Heart of the Matter” is incredibly solid and really catchy all the way through.  There is nothing overused or redundant about the album, which is becoming a limited trait in Heavy Metal these days.  As for the power vocals, it is a matter of taste on whether or not you think their cheesy or over dramatic, and I definitely do not have this opinion.  The vocals on this album blew me away and I found them spectacular.  Triosphere absolutely captivated with this new album and captured everything you could ever want in the melodic side of Metal and Rock.


Overall Album Rating 9/10


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