Elise’s Halestorm Experience

Elise VonBergen wanted to share her experience seeing Halestorm in 2013!  Excellent write up and a testament to how this band brings people closer together.


Well, wow. I can’t even put into words how amazing last night was. Holy shit. Okay I won’t post like all the details because a lot of stuff happened but it was AMAZING. Started out the day with making friend with the bus driver, then met Detroit and we talked with the stage guys until the bus got there. Then I met Lzzy and Joe and Josh when they came to the back. Lzzy recognized me I think and they offered to take pictures! She gave me a hug and then we parted ways. Throughout the day I ran into her and Joe 3 more times. Once I started laughing and I was like, “Oh god I’m sorry I’m so awkward.” and she said “Oh no it’s totally fine, don’t be.” and smiled at me and yeah. Then the next time I saw them I gave them the letters! She really loved the gloves, turns out she didn’t have any for this tour so she’s gonna use them! Mom and I went shopping (boring wink emoticon XD) and then I got to watch sound check. I just quietly sat in a corner and watched and wow it was amazing. They saw me a couple times and smiled at me! grin emoticon Then we had the M&G, got stuff signed, and Morgy showed up! We chilled out until the show started. The opener acts were AWESOME, and the second one got encored. Then, the magical moment when the lights go down at the rock show, Halestorm came. We started chanting “HALESTORM! HALESTORM!” and it was awesome. I got a ton of cool pictures and recorded “Break In” and “In Your Room”. The live show is so much cooler in the front row, it was awesome. Lzzy smiled at me and Joe threw me his pick. Arejay did a huge drum solo, during which he pointed at me with his drum stick and stuck his tongue out. Josh smiled at me again as well. Then it ended, but not quite. We chanted and screamed for 2-3 minutes so they did the encore. I cried the whole time. I’ve never been so emotional. Lzzy did “Hate It When You See Me Cry” by herself. Just her and a Les Paul, and she told the story of how the song came to be. It was so beautiful, and take it from Morgan, I could NOT stop crying. Lzzy saw, and she blew me a kiss and smiled at me a lot during the encore songs. Morgan and I made hearts with our hands, and she made one back! It was so sweet. Then during Here’s To Us she handed me a Monster. Like seriously just leaned down and handed it to me. And it finally ended. The sole to one of my boots fell off. Morgan and I bugged Detroit and two random guys for like an hour, and drank a bottle of Mountain Dew. By now it was at least 11:30 at night. We went outside (first taking a final pic with Detroit) and went to the car. Lzzy was outside the bus talking and signing stuff for people. We went and said bye one more time. It was so sweet, she said she read my letters. She thanked me like 5 times and gave me the biggest hug ever. I could see the sincerity and genuineness in her eyes, it was so touching. SHE thanked ME. And then we went home, got some Taco Bell and passed out.

Half my make-up was gone or running. I was sweat drenched, and reeking of alcohol and I didn’t even drink. My hair was tangled. My eyes stung from crying. My neck ached from headbanging. My arms also hurt from pounding my fists over half the damn time. My feet were KILLING ME. I jumped in those boots (worth it). I lost my sole. I was a fucking WRECK, and I’ve never smiled more in my entire life ever. So, last night was pretty amazing. I love this band. Thank you Halestorm, for always being there for me. And thank you Lzzy, for Breaking In”


Elise with Halestorm

Elise with Halestorm

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