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Otep Generation Doom



OTEP Generation Doom Rages to Fame


Otep, the hardcore poet from California is back in 2016 with the crazy heavy album “Generation Doom”.  Otep is a mix of industrial rock, rap rock, and Metalcore with a common theme of liberation.  Otep’s message has been consistent throughout every project, but she is a highly diverse artist.  I was not surprised on first listen of “Generation Doom” to find that it is all over the place with the direction of the music.  This album has every combination of styles that modern Metal listeners flock to, but it remains unique and non-mainstream.  It’s not your run of the mill Metal record, as it utilizes Death Metal with rapping and melancholy style vocals with really strong beats.  Whatever you describe this album is, it’s pure uncensored chaos where Otep says whatever the hell she wants and does whatever the hell she wants.  “Generation Doom” breaks all the rules and barriers, especially with songs like Equal Rights, Equal Lefts that explores Otep’s sexuality and the issue of Equality.  However, I think this album has a song for everyone because it is so incredibly diverse.


Overall the musicality is surprisingly good.  The instrumentation isn’t outstanding or virtuoso-esque, but it serves as a heavy delivery service for the prominent lyrics and message.  I am not a fan of political music, but “Generation Doom” is more about liberation and inspiration, so it gets a pass for me.  The dirty vocals and heavy breakdowns are well executed and I think they will be well received by a diverse group of listeners.  It’s an intense album all the way through, regardless if the song is fast and heavy or an Industrial Rap Rock breakdown, Otep is in your face.  Songs like Zero, Lie, and the title track are pretty extreme and hit you in the chest with heaviness.  Otep’s cover of Lorde’s Royals is also one hell of a surprise and I thought their version was comically better than the original.  The spoken word interludes throughout the album are also enchanting and mesmerizing.  It’s an aspect not explored much in Metal music and I love the darkness Otep integrates into it.  It is extremely artistic and allows for a better personal connection to the message she’s trying to convey.  However, the song that stands out to me is the outro track On the Shore.  This track is hauntingly beautiful and Otep’s clean vocals absolutely blow me away on this track.  The more melodic side of Otep leaves me wanting more.  This track also includes more hauntingly half-sung spoken word that will probably give you chills.  “Generation Doom” is one hell of a diverse album and is incredibly hard to sum up in one review.  It’s either an album you jam out to or immerse yourself into completely, so it depends on the listener’s personal connections.  You’re either going to love or hate this album, and I don’t think Otep gives a damn either way.  8/10

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