“From Beyond” by Enforcer Review 2015




A Swedish Power Metal band formed in 2004 has bottled a secret formula for creating bombastic and reminiscent music.  Their throwback 80’s Heavy Metal sound somehow works in modern times.  Their catchy and anthemic formula includes loud perfectly aimed power chords with shredding nuances in the guitars, a solid rhythm focused bass line, simple drumming, and high powerful screaming vocals.  This formula Enforcer has forged in a small town in Sweden rages and swarms all across the world.  Enforcer can be categorized with the likes of the Scorpions, Hammerfall, Helloween, and even Judas Priest.  Enforcer is however influenced by European Metal of the 80’s and 90’s like Credo and Magnit.  Their ability to create extremely solid music foreshadowing a great era of Metal is unparalleled in 2015.  Enforcer’s new album “From Beyond” is nothing short of jamming fantastical Power Metal.


“From Beyond” is an album that could’ve been forged thirty years ago and sent forward in time to make a point.  The album proves that Rock/Metal is alive and thriving.  Enforcer took Traditional Metal sounds and smashed them all together with an iron fist with this album.  Typically I find albums of this style quite cheesy and flat, but “From Beyond” rewrites history.  Tracks like Out of Fire, Undying Evil, and The Banshee are wailing and bursting tracks.  These tracks are furious and bursting with energy, showing a thrilling passion still alive and well after a decade.  Below the Slumber is one of the most epic tracks on the album, starting with a melodic side and dropping into a blazingly heavy and speedy guitar riff.  Farewell is vastly impressive mixing the melodic tones and 80’s rhythmic jamming.  These are only some great highlights of the album, so definitely listen to them all and see what you think.  It is by no means a concept album, but it is one I think you should listen front to back.


“From Beyond” is certain to impress the likes of Power Metal fans and even convert the 40 year olds who just can’t get over the 80’s.  Enforcer created something special with this album, a sound that only comes once every 15 years, in my opinion.  This album impressed me more than the latest from Hammerfall and Judas Priest, which I know is sacrilegious.  That is a big testament to Enforcer’s musicianship and writing ability.  If this album gets over looked for a “Best of 2015” list, then it doesn’t necessarily have the staying power that other albums might have.  Although “From Beyond” might be a great album as of now, later there is more Power Metal albums to be delved into.  Right now, I’m impressed by the album, but I might forget in time and find 10 other albums that with reign supreme in 2015.

Album Raiting 7/10- Amazing album and will be cherished by many, but forgotten and overshadowed by other albums this year.

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