Uprise by Nemesea Review 2016

Nemesea Uprise




Now, I know Nemesea isn’t Metal, but they’re extremely solid Rock.  They’re also Dutch, so naturally I have to review them.  


Dutch band Nemesea has been coming up in the ranks in Rock recently with their new deliciously addictive sound.  They mix Rock with Electronica in a mysterious, dark, and well executed way.  Singer Manda Ophius has a hell of a powerful voice and an incredible range, holding her own on their previous record “The Quiet Resistance”. That album ebbed and flowed with ease and bouts of emotion, but kept it on the heavier side of Rock.  I appreciate Nemesea’s  bravery to divert from the norm, while still creating a great catchy radio sound.  It’s great radio Rock, without any derivative repetition, especially their new record “Uprise”.


“Uprise” is an apt name for this record, as each track keeps rising and rising, with minor falls.  It is inspiring, powerful, and very heartfelt without sounding cheesy or hipster.  “Uprise” is also drastically different from “The Quiet Resistance”.  Instead of all the tracks flowing together, they build up individually and you get a different sound with each track.  It is surprisingly diverse and has hit after hit, each song either slamming with fast Rock rhythms, or a touching ballad like Light Up the Sky.  The band is extremely tight on this record on songs like Bones and Time To Make It.  Bones has a great catchy guitar riff, rhythmic for the most part, but there is a bit of a solo in this track.  The drummer is the most surprising part of this album, however.  He keeps all of the different styles and sounds congruent with perfect rhythm and exquisite fills.  I was immensely impressed with his work, as well as the mastering of the drums.  The leading track Hear Me is extremely catchy and has an extremely catching guitar part in the forefront.  Forever brings in more of the Electronica influence, with this 80’s vibe with group vocals and the drummer pounding on the low toms.  It’s a really great track.


The recording quality is also absolutely stunning.  Each member comes through powerfully and cleanly, allowing you to hear each part separately as well as how it all ties in together.  Manda’s vocals as well as the backing group vocals are absolutely flawless, showing great control and tone.  I also find this album to be very emotional and inspiring: It is a great record to drive around to or work out to.  It will appeal to the Rock crowd, of course, but I surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed this record as I did their last record.  It’s not necessarily my style of Rock, but I appreciate the musicianship that went into it.  Overall, I think Nemesea will find immense success with this record. Rating 7/10