“Rise of Eradication” Review


Underground artist Heart Impaled creates very unique Heavy Metal with Industrial and Power Metal influences, sounding like a band mashed between the 90’s and 80’s.  Heart Impaled has techno embedded into this fist pounding break beat Metal, something Fear Factory mastered long ago.  Heart Impaled came out with a weird and eerie new album in 2014 and I felt the need to share my thoughts.  Even though Heart Impaled is a solo project most likely mixed out of a basement with Fruity Loops/Pro Tools, mixed surprisingly well I might add, I feel like this music touches on a dead arena.  Heart Impaled is vastly inspired by Video Games and creates perfect soundtrack music for shooters and side scrollers.  As a Video Game fan, I found good use for this fairly weird and disjointed album.


“Rise of Eradication” is somewhat of a novelty album, meaning it is hard to take seriously as an actual Heavy Metal album.  However for gamers, this album is reminiscent of the days of Megaman, Metal Gear Solid, Rampage, and Metroid.  This is when game soundtracks mixed techno and Rock and Metal to create epic and high energy background music.  The arena of this music for Video Games is gone, I think.  But, “Rise of Eradication” really brings this sound back to the forefront.  It could easily be refined and put into an Indie Side Scroller/Shooter and I believe it absolutely should be.  Each track is fairly seamless through extended play, so the entire album could be put into a game easily.  As fair as musical quality, it does lack.  It is slightly repetitive, overly distorted, and has no outstanding vocals.  But as a game soundtrack, this album is outstanding.  I highly recommend cranking this up during Classic Game Night.


Overall Rating 3/10

Listen Here: https://play.spotify.com/artist/4FILz2QWQKKQtPJQ73G6ud?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open


I Review “Enki” from Jerusalem’s Melechesh




Melechesh, the first band out of Jerusalem to get a record deal in 1993, is back in 2015 with a hellacious new album.  Their style is its own demon, containing Middle Eastern and Thrash roots perfectly blackened.  Founding member Ashmedi is a powerful guitarist, mixing Thrash and Melodic ancient sounds in an unheard way.  The band continues to breed this very dark and personal style of music that people are calling “Mesopotamian Metal”, as it deals with spiritual and philosophical topics as old as the first budding settlement.  Their new album is all of these layers and sounds magnified and refined majorly, but also twisted and darkened.  I enjoy Middle Eastern influences in Metal, but this is unlike anything I’ve heard before.


“Enki” is a mix of Modern Thrash and old world sound with each track, interlacing and twisting with rage.  It is not an album for any light ears.  “Enki” is scorchingly heavy from beginning to end.  The drums are technical and fast, pounding with a bit of Latin flair and interesting fills.  The guitars are tight, well orchestrated, and unique with a Middle Eastern Melody underneath the rattling distortion.  The vocals are grunting and beastly, besides the occasional haunting clean runs in the back, adding even older sounds to the album.  Songs like Metatron and Man, The Pendulum Speaks, and Enki-Divine Nature Awoken, have a similar style in the vocals and guitars that Arch Enemy’s “Khaos Legions” had.  That sound adds a familiarity to such a foreign genre and sound.  These tracks are incredibly dark and heavy, bringing in the “Blackened” part in Melechesh’s creation.  The Palm The Eye and Lapis Lazuli and Multiple Truths contain the most interesting Middle Eastern sounds on the album.  Lost Tribes features the very busy and legendary Max Cavalera on vocals, adding a flair to the album.  I found Doorways to Irkala to be the most regional and historical inspired track on “Enki”.  It is eight minutes of ancient sounds, somewhat reminding me of a sacred ritual that begin ages before Metal existed.   It is not a Metal song at all, but it is a very significant track on this album and for Melechesh’s heritage.


“Enki” is however more of a concept album, having similar repeated riffs all the way through.  It lacks diversity of songs and styles with individual tracks.  Also, the lyrics may be deep and personal but they are inaudible, which demeans the music for me.  If the band claims they write philosophical lyrics I would like to be able to connect with them, to understand what all the chaos is about.  Many will say, “Just look the lyrics up online and read through them”, which is a good way to solve my complaint for the lack of audible words.  However, if this band truly has points they want to get across and strongly believe in, the listener should be able to understand them.  I do enjoy Black Metal and the use of growls, but I just find it demeaning the history and cultural influences of the album.  Aside my personal wishes for this album, it is a very unique and well put together Blackened Thrash Metal release.

Overall Album Rating 7/10


Sounds Like: Myrath, Cavalera Conspiracy, Old Dimmu Borgir


Album out March 10th, 2015





“Time and Trauma” by 36 Crazyfists Review


American band, 36 Crazyfists is a part of a resurgence of Rock in the states with their unfiltered dark take on the genre.  The band has been around for over 20 years and have jumped around with record companies, attempting to resist becoming stale.  The band switched to Spinefarm records to mix things up and work toward a new sound that inspires them to keep going.  The band decided in 2014 to make a new record with a whole new style, without losing their true identity.  Spinefarm supported this idea and it has lead to the birth and release. of “Time and Trauma”.  This new record sums up everything the band has been through and worked for throughout the 20 years, with new and old sounds.  This record is yet another prominent release of American Rock.


36 Crazyfists were inspired by the dark groove of Metallica’s “Black Album” and Deftones’ heavy industrial sound.  These two influences come out perfectly all throughout “Time and Trauma”, but with unique vocals and surprisingly technical guitar riffs.  The album is a mixed bag of Rock sounds, ranging from very radio friendly to darker and more unique.  Vanish (We All Disappear) is one of those more mainstream songs along with Sorrow Sings, Lightless, and Slivers.  These tracks are really true to the band’s modern style and are very refined, while keeping the vocals raw.  The screams are high pitched and jaw rattling, not my favorite style of screaming, although the style is popular these days.  The guitars are what really sets this album apart in my opinion.  The guitar work on this album is a mix of modern down tuned rhythmic drones, sounding excellently industrial and technical, and also containing more traditional guitar solos.  It’s rare to hear such superior guitar work on an American based band.


Overall, this album is great compared to the other albums that have turned Mainstream in the states recently and proves to be different from other Rock and Metal records.  I highly commend the band for bringing something a little new to the table.  Although this is a good album with many musical textures and layers, it still managed to bore me.  Some songs tended to run together and sound similar.  I like concept albums and a specific theme, but the album just seems flat after a couple listens.  Something to break up “Time and Trauma” is needed, like some orchestral work and a slower track with long held clean vocals.  A bass solo would also add an interesting flavor to the album.


Overall Album Rating 6/10


Review of Revolver’s Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock and Heavy Metal


I am a fan of Revolver Magazine, most of the time, because of their excellent one on one interviews with some of the best artists in Hard Rock and Metal.  It is a more relevant magazine than any other magazine in the US, in my opinion.  The writers truly care about Metal.  I think it is rare to see a company support Metal so largely like they do.  That kind of support fuels me to write about what I do every day.  However, I disagree with a lot of the material they put in their magazines and how they run their website.  Manly, the way they advertise women in Metal and constantly sexualize them.  I am all for admiring and celebrating the huge uprising in women succeeding and doing better than the men in Metal, but they shouldn’t have to be underdressed to do so.


Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock and Metal is an issue I really enjoy, because it celebrates and showcases women in Rock and Metal from all over the world.  But, I’ve noticed with each issue, there is less and less clothing being worn.  Yes Lzzy Hale and Maria Brink are in their usual badass attire, as well as Cristina Scabbia, Simone Simons, Nita Strauss, and Elize Ryd.  What I find ironic is that the most successful bands and the most knowledgeable musicians featured in the issue, are the most clothed.  I strongly believe that music should not be about looks or attractiveness, but about pure unadulterated talent.  I’m all for Feminism and women being able to dress however they want and not be sexualized for it, but it is not effective in the US yet.  Every site I go on that features these artists like Halestorm, In This Moment, Delain, Epica, Amaranthe and so on has the most disgusting, demoralizing, sexual comments I have ever read.  This has been going on since the era of The Runaways and Crucified Barbara, unfortunately.  I think this is a fairly untouched topic in Metal and Music in general, and it is getting more and more disheartening to me every time I come across it.


I am in no way blaming Revolver for this issue, in fact I think they’ve done an excellent job in featuring these women the way they want to be featured.  I have no idea why certain women are featured practically naked, but I think these particular artists feel it is good publicity for their music.  It is so difficult to pay the bills by working and living in the Music Business these days and it takes many sacrifices to keep food on the table as an artist.  One thing we know about business is that sex sells, even when all else fails.  If these women truly want to be represented this way, then I support them 100%, but something tells me that money and fame could be a huge motivator.  As an artist, I want my brand and my works to be represented for quality and hard work, not for my looks or style.  I write about Metal and promote bands because it is my true passion, not because I want fame or monetary compensation.  I can’t help but think all musicians want this for their art, but the world is becoming very materialistic and all about fame and the “high life”.


In my opinion, Metal should be completely blind to looks, gender, religion, and politics.  Music is what brings us together, not what sets us apart from each other.  Why do we use the “female fronted” tag on bands with women as vocalists.  We don’t use “male fronted metal”.  Both should be equal.  These vocalists and musicians should be seen as individuals, not their sex classification.  Now that women aren’t a big minority in Metal, we should do away with the “female fronted” tags and the constant sexualization of these amazing artists.  I hope in the future we see a completely equal world, without gender, race, religion stereotypes dividers in all areas of life and all throughout the world.


Back to Revolver Mag’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock and Metal issue.  I agree with most of the singers and musicians featured in this magazine and appreciate the representation of Symphonic Metal leads.  However, I find this issue to be extremely biased.  The same women are featured over and over, even if they had zero new projects in the previous year.  Personally, I would’ve included Within Temptation’s Sharon Den Adel, Delain’s Charlotte Wessels, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Xandria’s Dianne Van Giersbergen, and especially Nightwish’s Floor Jansen.  Yes Lzzy Hale and the lot are incredible musicians and have been on a successful streak for a good four years now, but the lack of diverse representation is quite boring and oppressive.  I want to see up and coming artists and European bands who are uprising in the US right now.  I would like to see more European Metal bands hugely represented in Revolver Mag to broaden the horizons of Mainstream Metal.  Maybe as these excellent bands continue to tour the USA, people will demand the same things I do.  Nonetheless, this Revolver issue is pretty well done and has a high entertainment factor.


January-February Albums Insight and Suggestions

As always, there are a plethora of great and not so great albums coming out January through February.  It’s hard to chose which releases to buy and some new ones to try out when there are so many to choose from.  Metal has a ridiculous amount of subgenres, which typically just confuse the listener and cause arguments.  This guide I’ve written up summarizes many new albums to help you determine which ones are worth a listen and even buying.


Captivity and Devourment by Armageddon


If you’re looking for some fast and intense Death Metal without any Melodic annoyances, the latest release by Armageddon is certainly for you.  This album is 100% heavy and brutal, containing excellent grooves and blazingly fast guitar work.  The vocals are incredibly heavy and dark, but not to grating on the nerves.  Songs like Locked in and Conquer have a modern catchiness that gives the album a lasting effect on the ears and mind. Some of the sounds and musicianship in the album are cliche Death Metal, but the typical fan who likes it straight up heavy will probably love this album.


Sounds Like: Mastodon, Pantera, Sepultura, Scar Symmetry


Album Rating: 7/10

Cessation by Dead in the Manger


If you like Blackened Doom Metal and all out Death Metal, Dead in the Manger’s newest album “Cessation” is probably everything you’ve been looking for.  This album is heavy, dark, fast, and heart wrenching.  Its ghoulish and devilish sounds are mesmerising and heart pounding.  “Cessation” is everything I like about Black Metal; It is raw, powerful, all over the place with tempo, and you can’t understand one word from the deafening screams.  This album as if the world has so sun, no hope, no faith.  It is perfect, even if it is extremely short.


Sounds Like: My Dying Bride, Summoning, Dimmu Borgir, Darkthrone


Album Rating 8/10


New World Order by Deathbreed


Deathbreed is just pure, heavy, unedited Death Metal with Thrash influences.  “New World Order” is not a one sound album that you’re used to with Death Metal.  There are some Symphonic sounds as well to try to make the album more diverse and complicated.  However even with the attempt at diversity, I found the vocals on this album to be unbearable.  The album lacks anything that sets it apart from other Death Metal albums, making it a throw away release for me.  But, if you the traditional side of the genre you might like this album.  If you require more mature and knowledgeable sound in your Metal, don’t even bother buying this album.


Sounds Like: Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed


Album Rating 2/10

Fool’s Gold by Iron Lamb


Iron Lamb is a Hardrock band from Stockholm, Sweden and have strong Classic Rock influences that come out very well in their music.  The new album “Fool’s Gold” is an album that is derailed instrumentally, like a runaway train in the 1800s in America.  It is a great blast from the past with guitar solos rampant and well produced.  This album is excellent if you crave the raw sounds of Rock in the 60’s and 70’s.  Every song sounds similar to each other, lacking dynamics, but it is still enjoyable on some levels.  I don’t care for the vocals on this album too much, because they sound the same on every song, but some might enjoy the heavy grit.  “Fool’s Gold” is out now.


Sounds Like: Mastodon, Danzig, SPIDERS, Volbeat, The Cure, The Smiths


Album Rating 6/10

The Harmonic Passage by Winterage


If you’re a Power Metal fan and Speed Metal lover, Winterage may be an excellent choice for you.  Winterage mixes Folk, Symphonic, and Theatrical influences with upbeat Power Metal.  There is orchestral work spread throughout the heaviness, giving good contrast.  The guitarwork is fast and tight, surprisingly well executed.  The vocals are not annoying, cheesy, or overpowering and I actually quite enjoy their vocalist’s range.  The drums are typical rhythmic and tight drums, easy to follow along with.  The synths act as a extra lead guitar, making for a fun and energetic sound.  The lead violin is also a fun Folk twist on this particular style of Power Metal.   This album is a treat amidst all the Death Metal, giving diversity to your winter releases.


Sounds Like: Hammerfall, Serenity, Orden Ogan, Nightwish, Lyriel


Album Rating 6/10 Worth a Listen

Ravenhead by Orden Ogan


If you like very good quality heavy Power Metal, this album should fill all your desires for anthemic Metal.  “Ravenhead”  is precise, fast, heavy, melodic, and creative all at the same time.  The album ebbs and flows with darkness, then hope and desperation.  I really enjoy all of Orden Ogan’s music, as it has the most obvious Scandinavian sound to it.  However, the band is German and has industrial influences integrated, no doubt from the uprising of Rammstein.  Orden Ogan is just a really solid band.  I highly suggest all of their releases.


Sounds Like: Hammerfall, Sabaton, Crimson Shadows


“Kings and Queens” by Leah Review





Canadian Symphonic Metal artist Leah has been creating a new brand of Symphonic Metal with Celtic and World Influences.  International fans have referred to her as the “Metal Enya” for her heavy but enchanting style.  Leah mixes Heavy Metal with soft and subdued sounds, both uplifting and transcending emotions strewn throughout the music.  It is slightly dark but beautiful.  Leah’s music really surprised me the first time I heard it, as I am a huge Symphonic Metal fan.  Leah is so different from other Symphonic Metal bands, yet some of the melodies remind fondy of Leaves’ Eyes Celtic sound.  It is modern, yet very old much like Celtic and Scottish songs.  The feel of her music is so different from other bands, and that’s what makes the new album “Kings & Queens” so great.


“Kings & Queens” has a lot to offer musically and influentially.  The subdued but heavy guitars are done by Timo Somers (Quest/Delain) and the dynamic drums are done by Sander Zoer (Studio Delain work).  The use of piano, synths, and many other instruments is what makes the album other wordly.  The album through instrumentation can transcend you to another land, a land existing much before technology.  It can take you to the highlands of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and take you back to the Medieval times.  The music is like an old soundtrack that you would associate with movies like Lord of the Rings or maybe even Game of Thrones.  Yet, the album is unique and beyond something of a novelty.


Leah’s vocals are subdued, beautiful, moving, and mesmerising on “Kings and Queens”.  Every song has a similar slow and soft melody, but each track remains different from the rest.  Songs like opening track Arcadia, has chanting choir vocals underneath heavy grinding instrumentation, but then soft and lovely vocals.  The mix is interesting and very pleasing to this Symphonic Metal fan’s ears.  Save the World has this Old World Italy feel to it, reminding me of the other Lacuna Coil tracks like Heaven’s A Lie.  Angel Fell is incredibly enchanting with this organ chiming throughout, no doubt classically inspired.  The quality of this track is spectacular, good enough for several back to back replays.  Enter the Highlands is the highlight Celtic track of the album and is one of the heaviest jams on the album.  Some may desire the add of growls on a track like this, but I believe the guitars add enough heaviness.


The use of percussion is excellent throughout the album, making it a World themed album as it explores different cultures and Folk themes.  Songs like In the Palm of Your Hands has that Folk feel, but also a Gothic theme.  The guitar work on this track by Timo is excellent as well.  Other tracks I enjoyed vastly on this album are Alpha Et Omega, Heart of Poison, and Siull a Run just to mention a few more highlights without spoiling the greatness of this album.


The diversity, quality, and catchiness of “Kings and Queens” is highly impressive.  I could not have predicted such an incredible album from an artist I only discovered months ago.  It reminds me of Evanescence’s very first album, “Origins” done with David Hodges, meaning I automatically fell in love with “Kings and Queens”.  The Gothic, Prog, Folk, Symphonic, and Celtic themes are so exquisitely intertwined throughout each track, meaning it is impossible to get bored of this album.  I cannot describe much more about the album.  It is an album you just have to listen to all the way through and decide for yourself.  I do highly recommend this for all Symphonic Metal and Celtic music lovers.


Overall Album Rating 9/10



Beyond the Red Mirror by Blind Guardian Review

The epic and classic German Power Metal band, Blind Guardian has been forging the best of albums for 31 years. They’ve had quite the heavy journey through music, with albums that perfectly soundtrack all of those years of work and determination. Though Blind Guardian hasn’t been the most popular Metal band, they’ve still made a huge mark on the genre. They are credited to be the most influential band in Power Metal ever, influencing bands like Hammerfall and Dragonforce. Blind Guardian has been inspired to create epic albums by Helloween and Metallica, and also by writers like Stephen King. After releasing eight great albums with all these influences and history, you find that the band keeps excelling and advancing with their sound. The new album in 2015 is a testament to the growth and advancement.

“Beyond the Red Mirror” is a highly anticipated and hyped album, and fans are skeptical of the truthfulness of all the hype. The album is inspired by a collision of Scifi and Fantasy themes, not surprising with the fantasy themes of the past albums. “Beyond the Red Mirror” is no doubt a more modern take on Blind Guardian’s sound, but still keeping with the traditional sound. The band wanted to do something different, an attempt to get a new generation interested in a classic style of Metal possibly. Regardless of the modernization, the old and true fans should be able to appreciate it. Though it might take a few listens to fully grasp the album, it is a likable album.

“Beyond the Red Mirror” is not your typical Power Metal album. It’s loud and epic, yet simple and subdued in some ways. The Ninth Wave opens the album with an ominous slow building choir, raging up to fast and technical speed instrumentation and interesting nuances. Twilight of the Gods is one of the best tracks of the album, containing more energy and vigor than other tracks on the album. This is a very great single to represent this album, because it is an anthem of Blind Guardian and their style. My favorite track off the album is next, Prophecies. This song has so many different styles in it, making for contrast on the album. It is a classic and solid Power Metal track of this new album. A changeup track representing the Sci Fi influences of the album and reminds me greatly of the most recent Threshold album. At the Edge of Time is even more different than the rest with moving and haunting orchestral work. It is a very epic track and is one of the main highlights of the album.

The rest of the album is still dynamic with a ballad jam like Distant Memories, with really well executed prog underlay. Ashes of Eternity is a faster and heavier track and is a great headbanger, a good track to sing along to. The Holy Grail is typical Blind Guardian; All over the place with fast and technical instrumentation, chanting rhythmic and melodic vocals, and group vocals lifting the song up to glory. The album remains epic throughout the last four tracks. The Throne is more of an emotional track, droning on and containing a great sense of desperation. It also contains some catchy guitar work, some of the best of the album in fact. Sacred Mind is different from the other tracks, breaking up the album very well. It is a little more dark and Gothic, more subdued than the anthems the fans are used to from Blind Guardian. I was very impressed with this track. Miracle Machine is a piano ballad with well executed emotive and building vocals, reminding me of great epic ballads like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It is one of my favorite tracks Blind Guardian has put out. The album closes as fast and as classic as it began with interesting off beat track, Grand Parade. This track is a closing anthem to remember, with excellent strings and group vocals on top of pounding drums.

After hearing “Beyond the Red Mirror” several times, I couldn’t believe that I forgot how great this band is. The vocal range of Hansi Kürsch is absolutely amazing as well as the guitar work from Andre and Marcus. They are just an incredibly impressive band, and it shows with this new album. “Beyond the Red Mirror” is not as solid and deep as I expected from reading description, but its catchiness and dynamics make up for a lack of connection. It is a soundtrack, more than an album to hold dear with personal meaning. The layers don’t sound as mature and developed as I would’ve liked either. I appreciate all the musicianship they put into this album, however and find it to be a great addition to their catalogue. It will definitely whet the appetite of new Power Metal fans and continue the great prowess of Blind Guardian.

Overall album Rating 7/10

Wolfheart “Winterborn” Review

What to expect from this album and why buy it:



Wolfheart is a project by Tuomas Saukkonen, the mastermind behind Melodic Death Metal bands Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon.  This insanely talented musician from Finland has a reputation for creating the darkest, heaviest, and blackest of Metal bands.  Many fans were saddened when he disbanded all other projects, but it wasn’t all in vain.  Tuomas is back with Black Metal band Wolfheart and has released a bone chilling new album “Winterborn”.  As far as Melodic Death Metal goes, Tuomas is one of the best at what he does, because of his innovative creativity with such a heavy genre.   The album was previously released in 2013, but was recently reissued by Spinefarm Records.  I am lucky enough to be able to review this album in its entirety.


“Winterborn” is exactly what you would expect from Tuomas; Dark, Melodic, chest pounding, and atmospheric in a greatly depressing way.  The guitars are shredding and technical with ease.  The vocals are full and grinding and loud, full of emotion and outright power.  The bass is dropped super low and drones through each song, adding depth as the instrument was intended for.  The drums are technical and dynamic, varying from a slow 90 bpm to 130 bpm.  The use of other instruments from acoustic guitars to strings, piano, and synths is also very well executed.  Isolation is a brilliant example of the diversity and vision of Tuomas.  It is uncommon to hear slower and more soft instrumentation in Death Metal, obviously.  But that being said, the album is not lacking in pounding and guttural tracks like The Hunt, Strength and Valour, and Gale of Winter.  The Viking feel to this album is also quite present, meaning this would be one of the many great fitting soundtracks to History Channels Vikings and even Game Of Thrones.



Death Metal is a huge genre, every band seems to have their own style and equation to creating heavy music.  Don’t let genre labels fool you however, most Metal is so deep with different influences and styles.  “Winterborn” is definitely an album that defies labels and expectations in a fantastic way.  I enjoyed the drastically different feel and way of going about writing Metal that Tuomas definitely took with this album.  It’s unique and new, yet familiar and very commendable.  Overall, I think the reissue of “Winterborn” is a good way for fans to get interested in a pretty mysteriously released album.  It’s worth enough for a reissue and a larger audience, because of its immense quality and idiosyncratic sound.


Overall Album Rating  9/10


Similar Artists:  Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Dark Tranquility, Wintersun, Amon Amarth, Ghost Brigade









“The Heart of the Matter” by Triosphere Review



Triosphere, a band that has toured with some of the best Metal bands around, has released a brand new album in 2015.  Triosphere is a Norwegian Melodic Heavy Metal band with killer power vocals and excellent low bass lines from Ida Haukland and speedy melodic guitar riffs and solos from Marius “Silver” Bergesen and Tor Ole Byberg.  They also enlisted new drummer Kenneth Tarneby from Course of Fate.  The band began in 2004 as a trio of musicians, but toured with another guitarist for awhile until making him an official member.  All music and lyrics are written by Ida, who has a very unique sound to her voice and bass playing.  All these members combined with sublime writing is surprisingly grabbing and catching, pulling you in from the intro immediately.  One of the most unique aspects of this band is the guitar work and the gritty but epicly powerful vocals.  These aspects sound drastically refined and matured, making their new album “The Heart of the Matter” pretty excellent.


I hadn’t heard this band before their new release and went into the album blindly, not sure what to expect from their listed styles.  I didn’t expect a band this amazing or such an addictive mix of sounds that are familiar to Power Metal, but so different from the music I’m used to coming from Norway.  The Melodic nuances in Triosphere’s brand of Heavy Metal is unlike anything I’ve heard.  The vocals are all over the place with power, technique, and style on “The Heart of the Matter”.  There’s so many different vocal styles used from Ida, it is almost like having two different lead singers on nearly every song.  The guitars are very mixed bag as well, ranging from speedy technical tapping solos, to shredding, to slow and droning melodic solos.  The bass is pretty audible throughout every track and is definitely one of the best aspects to the range of music.  I also like how loud the drums are on this album.  Normally, loud drums become cheesy and overused, but Triosphere really balances it well.  These high quality and remarkable aspects are constant throughout the album and make it very noteworthy in 2015.



Tracks like Steal Away the Light, The Sphere, and The Heart’s Dominion off of the album really stand out because there’s really nothing out there quite like them.  Remedy is also a killer melodic track, showing some different styles and breaks in Ida’s voice as well as a different take on guitars.  Overall, “The Heart of the Matter” is incredibly solid and really catchy all the way through.  There is nothing overused or redundant about the album, which is becoming a limited trait in Heavy Metal these days.  As for the power vocals, it is a matter of taste on whether or not you think their cheesy or over dramatic, and I definitely do not have this opinion.  The vocals on this album blew me away and I found them spectacular.  Triosphere absolutely captivated with this new album and captured everything you could ever want in the melodic side of Metal and Rock.


Overall Album Rating 9/10


Also Check out: Serenity, Nemesea, Kobra and the Lotus, Crucified Barbara, Unleash the Archers





“Shake Electric” by SPIDERS Review

Want something completely different in your Rock catalogue?  SPIDERS is an unexpected Rock gem from the revered music scene of Gothenburg.  The band is a mix of psychedelic and distorted sounds with poppy vocal lines that reminisce of the 70’s and 60’s, without the Flower Power style.  The band’s previous album, “Flashpoint”, made some powerful noise in the media and have gained worldwide fame for their unique style.  Since the release of “Flashpoint”, the band has toured with legendary Metal band Metallica and Kvelertak, although they’re nothing like those bands.  SPIDERS aims to impress with a raw mix of Metal, Rock n Roll, and Punk influences.  However, they will either be hated or loved for their limited sound.


SPIDERS’ new album “Shake Electric” is a throwback to 70’s Rock with a Jack White or Blues Pills meets Led Zeppelin.   Ann-Sofie is an incredibly diverse vocalist with immense personality, but may not appeal to all listeners.  The music is very untouched and raw on this album.  With every instrument being recorded live collectively, it sounds like an older release.  The way they recorded this album is commendable and different to modern times, but lacks emotion.  “Shake Electric” is a good record for kickbacks or road trips, but concentrated listening leaves little to be desired.  I find it difficult to get into this album and make a connection to it.  Other than the lack of emotion, the album has some great aspects.  The guitars are heavy and well executed and become extremely catchy along with the drums.  If you took the vocals completely out, it would sound like an instrumental Jet or Jack White record.  The album even has a touch of The Black Keys’ style in there. The best part about the album, is the simplicity of it.  Simple is sometimes better, especially with stripped down Rock.  That being said, I desired a lot more from SPIDERS.


If you like Rock like those bands listed above, you may really dig “Shake Electric”.  If you prefer Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, this band may not appeal to you at all.  I wanted to like this album and be able to appreciate the unique and artistic quality, but the album is just really flat to me.  Ann-Sophie is great at what she does and is diverse, but I cannot connect with her vocals.  Personally, it sounds like she doesn’t care about what she’s singing.  She also lacks technical ability.  Some of the more projected vocals become grating and sound off-key.  The musicianship is there, but I desire to hear genuine passion.  “Shake Electric” will most likely appeal to the average Rock listener, but otherwise this album is disappointing.  The other reviews of this album mislead me drastically, because they are highly rated and it’s a very uniquely done album.  I am disappointed.  I expect more from a Gothenburg based band.


Overall Album Rating: 2/10